Welcome to Princeton Academy

We would like to introduce Princeton Academy Preschool and Child Care Center . We think parents will find we have the standards of a high quality center, with the needs and goals of your child in mind. Princeton Academy offers not only quality childcare, delivered by degreed and state qualified educators, but also offers professionally implemented programs for your children Monday through Friday. We use modern teaching methods and tell children about the most important thing - how to protect the world around us, what is nature ecology and evolution is and how to stay healthy.

Our Philosophy

Princeton Academy believes in providing a safe flexible and nurturing environment where the children feel protected, confident and loved. We believe in promoting developmentally appropriate practices which include recognizing the social nature of learning. To play is to learn, and children learn in success-oriented, responsive environments which provide opportunities to learn through active observation, experimentation and exploration. We value cultural and language diversity and believe each child should be respected as an unique individual. We provide an environment which allows children to interact at their own level of development with a minimum amount of adult direction. WE believe that the parent is the child’s first and most influential teacher; therefore, cooperation and open communication between parents and staff is essential.

1840 E. Boulder, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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